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    Resource Links

    Here is a list of resources external to our website that you may find useful. The sites linked from this page are created and maintained by other organizations, so we cannot guarantee the reliability of the sites or the accuracy of the content.

    American Alzheimer's Assocation

    Provides resources for Alzheimer's patients and caregivers.

    American Cancer Society

    Whether you're a cancer survivor, patient or patient's family member, this website offers a range of cancer information to meet your specific needs.
    Learn about diabetes and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the website of the American Diabetes Association.

    American Osteopathic Association

    Learn more about osteopathic medicine and the role it plays in improving and maintaining your health.

    Arthritis Foundation

    Provides the latest advances and news in the treatment of arthritis.

    Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

    Offers information on mood disorders, support groups and chapters, and a tool to locate mental health professionals in your area.


    Health information, self-care advice and daily health tips can be found on this website established by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

    Medline Plus

    Medical encyclopedia and dictionary, drug information, health directories and other resources make this comprehensive website a useful tool for researching health topics.

    National Women's Health Information Center

    This website provides databases with information pertaining to topics such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, hormone therapy, girl's health, heart health and more.

    Novant Health

    Learn about the health services offered by our parent company, Novant Health - the largest physician care network in western North Carolina.

    Novant Health Health Information

    Use this site's quick search features to research medical information on a wide variety of adult and pediatric medical disorders.

    Shape Up America

    Information on weight management, fitness and how to live a healthy lifestyle.