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    On this page you will find quick answers to frequently asked questions about our practice's policies, services, and staff.

    How do I obtain a prescription refill?

    We usually prescribe enough medicine to last you until your next scheduled appointment. Thus, if you are running low on medication, it is probably time to see the doctor again! Should you need a prescription refilled before your next visit, call your pharmacy. Refills can take from 48 to 72 hours to process so allow plenty of time for it to be refilled before it runs out. Our night and weekend on-call physicians do not handle medication refills.

    Can you refer me to a specialist?

    Yes. However, at Novant Health Meridian Medical Group, we pride ourselves on taking comprehensive care of our patients. We are usually able to handle all of your healthcare needs in our own office. If a specialist's assistance is needed, we will refer you to the most appropriate specialist. Our referrals department will handle all of the paperwork and health insurance verifications—and even make your appointment for you. You will receive a written notification of your referral details.

    How long does it take to get an appointment?

    Walk-ins are always welcome for injury or medical urgency. We are quicker (and cheaper!) than the Emergency Room. Though quick clinics and walk-in clinics are available in town, they are staffed by nurse practitioners or physician assistants—not by physicians. Why trust your health to anyone but your own doctor? Your own doctor knows you best! Lab and X-rays are available in our office. Same day appointments are usually available. Call us early for availability. Physicals can usually be scheduled within one to two weeks. Chronic disease and routine follow-up visits can usually be scheduled within one to two days.

    What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

    Always bring your health insurance card, payment, and a list of current prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you are currently taking. Diabetics: bring your blood sugar meter (or blood sugar logs). We can download the results directly to our computer. Bring any forms needed to be completed by the doctor to your visit such as school or sports physical forms, D.O.T. exam forms, or sick-leave and disability forms.

    When will I receive my lab results?

    Lab results are usually reported within one week, but some tests take longer to complete. Your physician will tell you when to expect your results, but you will be called with all lab results, even if normal. If you do not hear from us in the expected time frame, do NOT assume everything is OK. Call our office to find out your results.