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    Ultrasound is a safe and valuable tool in diagnosing disease and is available right in our office.

    Ultrasound is a diagnostic technique utilizing sound waves to view internal body structures. Ultrasound is a safe and valuable technique that is used to help diagnose disease.

    Ultrasound testing is now available right in our office. If your doctor believes an ultrasound is needed to assist in evaluating your medical condition, it can be scheduled promptly and conveniently. We are able to perform a variety of ultrasound tests here including:

    • Echocardiogram (heart)
    • Abdominal (for gallbladder and kidney stones)
    • Aorta (to evaluate aneurysms)
    • Testicular (testicular cancer, cysts)
    • Pelvic (gynecological problems such as pelvic pain and unusual menstrual bleeding)
    • Carotid artery, leg arteries (to find cholesterol blockages and poor circulation)
    • Leg veins (to find blood clots).

    Most tests can be completed in 30 minutes or less, are completely painless, and done conveniently in your own doctor's office. If an emergency situation is found, your doctor can start treatment immediately.

    Ultrasounds are interpreted by experts in the area that is being scanned; for instance, our echocardiograms are reviewed by a cardiologist, other tests by a radiologist skilled in ultrasounds. Results are usually available within one week.

    We believe our ultrasound services, while being more convenient, help provide a higher level of medical care to our patients