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    Stress Testing

    Stress testing is a valuable tool in identifying coronary artery disease before it can cause a heart attack.

    In May of 2009, Novant Health Meridian Medical Group began offering stress testing right in our office. Stress tests are used to identify coronary artery disease (blockages in the heart) before it has a chance to cause more serious disease such as a heart attack.

    A stress test requires the patient to walk or run on a treadmill at progressively faster speeds to cause the heart to beat faster and harder—to "stress" the heart. During the exercise, the heart is monitored carefully by technicians (and often your own doctor) who are fully trained in CPR and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) should any heart conditions be revealed.

    Following the exercise portion of the stress test, an X-ray will be taken of the heart that reveals where blood and oxygen are going. Any areas of poor blood flow can be identified as areas that could potentially be coronary artery disease. Many other aspects of heart functioning can be evaluated during the test as well.

    The results of the stress test are reviewed not only by your own Novant Health Meridian Medical Group doctor, but a cardiologist in our community.

    Stress tests are but one more way Novant Health Meridian Medical Group can care for your whole health.